Medicare Supplements

A Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy helps to pay the healthcare costs that Medicare doesn’t cover, like co-payments and deductibles. Medicare has designed several different Medicare supplements and has handed those supplements over to insurance companies to administrate and to sell them. This means there are different options of coverage. It also means that some insurance companies will charge you more for the same coverage you can find elsewhere.

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Taking a Deeper Look Into Your Coverage Options

Being completely Independent and licensed to provide Insurance from over 60 top providers, Claeys Group will utilize a completely unique approach to each client’s coverage options and pricing.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare can be confusing and appear to be overwhelming, but there is a simple solution. Claeys Group Insurance Services is adept at helping clients understand Medicare and their coverage choices. In addition, we provide a start-to-finish solution to Medicare Supplement selection. We handle the heavy-lifting, so your transition into Medicare couldn’t be easier. Even better, we are all about saving you money on your Medicare coverage.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Options in Tyler, Texas

Affordable Medicare Supplements

How We Help You

First of all, we provide the personal touch by meeting with you in person. When one of our agents meets with you, he will help you to clearly understand how Medicare works for you, what your Medicare choices are, and how you can save the most money on your Medicare coverage.

As an independent agency, we represent MANY different companies and plans that work with Medicare, such as Medicare supplement companies, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. As a result, we can provide the right fit for you in order to best serve your needs and interests.

And long after we help you get set up on your Medicare coverage, we continue to serve you year after year. That way you will always have someone you know whom you can call who will answer your questions and keep saving you money. In other words, we’re here for YOU.

Client Reviews

  • review rating 5  John provided me with excellent service at a critical time in my life when I was entering the age of Social Security and Medicare. He is very knowledgeable on Medicare coverages, supplementals and prescription drug coverages. In addition, he is trustworthy and a really nice guy. I highly recommend him for your insurance needs.

    thumb Debbie Rasberry

    review rating 5  John has been extremely courteous, dedicated, and thorough in helping me find the best policy for me. I trust his integrity and am thankful to have someone to guide me that is as knowledgable as John.

    thumb Dennis Howard

    review rating 5  John was a life saver! He is very professional and efficient with your time. He very clearly explained all of the Medicare plans available and helped us make informed decisions. He did as much of the paperwork as he could & guided us through the steps we were required to do. Don’t make these decisions uninformed! He can help you!


    review rating 5  John, is a great!! Very helpful to my husband and I. Their to answer questions we have. Calls us back and doesn't take days to do so. Thank you!! For helping us

    thumb Beverly Gunn
  • review rating 5  John works hard to do what's best for for everyone he serves. He's gone above and beyond to help me get the best product for my life and supplemental medical insurance.

    thumb John Goodding

    review rating 5  John has made the impossible possible, concerning which insurance to choose and explaining Medicare to me. I was so confused and anxious about making a good decision that I had almost given up. With John explaining everything to me, suddenly the choice became clear. He is very patient, kind & available.

    thumb Lynne Sticher

    review rating 5  John was a great help to me he came to my house many times use a lot of his time doing so to help find me the best policy she possibly could and he did find me one of the best got policies there is out there I would say call John first before going anywhere else

    thumb jerry hallman

    review rating 5  We are very grateful for the help we received from John. He was immediately able to offer us an advantage plan that saved us a considerable amount of money; and personalized the coverage to better meet our needs. Highly recommend!

    thumb Becky George
  • review rating 5  John was awesome to work with. So lucky to have him during this very confusing process. Thanks so much

    thumb Vince Thomae

    review rating 5  I was referred to Mr. Claeys by a friend of mine who had used him to find a Medicare plan that was the right fit. So I emailed Mr. Claeys, and he promptly responded with a phone call and an appointment. I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable about the complexities of Medicare. He helped me to find the right plan, and at a reasonable cost. He also "shopped" my existing prescriptions for the most advantageous prescription plan. Through him, I signed up for all that I needed. He was great on follow up as well, checking to see if I had received my cards and if I was set up to enter into Medicare by the my first eligible date. I appreciate his help very much and would recommend him for all Medicare needs.

    thumb elizabeth smith

    review rating 5  I can't say enough about John. He has been there for me through the whole process of making decisions regarding a new Healthcare/Medicare policy. He made the process enjoyable and easy. It's great having a broker close at hand or just a phone call away. He has my business forever.

    thumb Connie Nichols

    review rating 5  John is very service oriented. When I needed social security information John was there with fantastic solutions to my questions. Totally recommend Claeys Group Insurance Services.

    thumb Reid Tamplin
  • review rating 5  Meeting and working with John was an absolute pleasure and very informative. He has the right answers and is very helpful. Thanks John for your help.

    thumb Richard Mask

    review rating 5  John Claeys is the real deal! I found him online after reading many positive reviews and I was not disappointed. I am just signing up for Medicare and John spent a great deal of time with me explaining fully all of the options available to me. John did not try to sell me on one plan or another but rather let me decide after getting all the details. I truly appreciate John's expertise, experience, integrity, honesty, and professionalism. I unconditionally recommend John Claeys for your insurance need. Give him a call--you will be glad you did.

    thumb Lynzi Moore

    review rating 5  My husband has had Medicare for around 15 years. We were wanting to switch out of a high deductible supplemental plan and look into Medicare Advantage Plans and did not know where to get the answers. John has all the information about your Medicare and supplemental choices and can answer any questions you have. He was very professional and knowledgeable .He said he can even help us with claims if necessary. He came to my place of work, I didn't even have to leave my office! We contacted John several times with questions and he answered every one. There is so much information and it changes every year, call John and let him help you make the best choice for your family! We will be contacting John again this year during open enrollment.

    thumb Cherie Parson

    review rating 5  In all my years of insurance dealings, 45 plus, I have NEVER had the fortune to be serviced by an honest agent. Now I am not saying my other agents were dishonest. I am saying that their service does not even come close to the service John offers. John explains the “system” so as a consumer you understand how to make wise choices. He shops for plans that truly fit your needs. He follows up immediately. He does all the leg work for you! He is the only man I will ever allow to handle my insurance needs! Call him! You will be blest!

    thumb Terri Smith-Chavira
  • review rating 5  John has been so helpful to my husband and I. He has always gone out of his way to help us get our insurance policies in place and has always been thorough with all his explanations and recommendations. He put in several hours finding the best policies for our money. It has been a true joy to work with him as our agent and I look forward to many more days ahead with him. We have recommended John to many of our friends.

    thumb Elyce Still

    review rating 5  We are so grateful to have John handling our Medicare insurance. He is very knowledgeable and quick to get back with us if we have questions. Truly cares about his clients.

    thumb Sandra Langley

    review rating 5  I highly recommend John Claeys for Medicare/Supplemental Insurance requirements. I truly and deeply hate paperwork of any kind and I realize "hate" is a strong word, but that's how I feel. John made this process so easy. I'm pretty sure I did almost nothing, with the exception of answering John's questions. With the information I provided, John guided me to the insurance policy tailored for my specific needs, among many insurance companies he represents. In addition, John helped with my Medicare sign up. John is efficient, professional, and thorough. He truly cares for my individual health care needs and follows through to ensure my health care needs are met. I feel so blessed for John's help in these matters. He made it so simple for me. I highly recommend John with no reservation.

    thumb Almedia Grant

    review rating 5  John's help was 2nd to None --- John's patience, clear explanations, and personal concern for our peace of mind made him the clear 1st choice for help with our Medicare Enrollment. He turned what would have been an Extremely confusing process simple and worry free.

    thumb Tim Quinn
  • review rating 5  John was very helpful in helping me with my Medicare needs. He helped me to understand how it works.

    thumb Nettie Erven

    review rating 5  Have loved working with John. He is very informative about all our needs and helped us to make some great choices. Would highly recommend him to help you make the best choices.

    thumb becky adams

    review rating 5  John is always so helpful when I call him. I have referred him to my friends. I feel comfortable knowing I can call on him for help with my medical insurance questions.

    thumb Cheryl Davis

    review rating 5  When I met John I felt very comfortable making an appointment with him to discuss my medicare options. He was very prompt on the day of our appointment. He explained to me in very simple terms of what Medicare is and what it actually covers. He discussed my options to obtain a supplement to my medicare and the different choices that were available. Absolutely no pressure from him to buy anything. He went as far as to say that because of my low income that we could apply for a subsidy from Medicare that would help with prescription drugs. I highly recommend John to anyone needing help with their Medicare. He is my agent from here on out!!!

    thumb Jan Herring