Smart Financial Planning

We help people grow their money through safe, secure insurance products such as Annuities and Indexed Universal Life Insurance. Never risk your hard-earned money with volatile investment strategies!

Claeys Group Insurance recommends financial instruments designed to capture market gains while circumventing, clients see maximum financial growth with minimal risk exposure.

Increase Retirement Income and Decrease Risk-Exposure

By maintaining our Independent status, we are able to offer provider-neutral solutions and explore all available options for each client. Through this method, we are able to fully analyze all factors and objectively offer our clients the best solution for their specific needs.


We represent multiple Annuity companies, such as Allianz, American Equity, Atlantic Coast, Delaware Life, Guggenheim, Oxford, etc. These companies offer safe and secure retirement vehicles to provide you with a steady income stream during retirement.

Indexed Universal Life (Tax-Free Retirement Income)

Individuals aged 25-50, especially, can profit significantly from a tax-free income instrument called Indexed Universal Life. This is another safe, secure financial vehicle that prepares you for retirement, but one which ensures that the gain and income you receive are tax-free! (Imagine the percentage of gain you would need to obtain in a taxed instrument—even a taxed-deferred instrument—in order to match the gain you can get in a tax-free financial instrument!)

Indexed Universal Life is a flexible instrument by which you determine how much you put in and when you want to turn on income. Once you begin receiving income, it comes to you tax-free!

We would be glad to run illustrations on what this could look like for you.

Financial Planning Services
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